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    An authentic chicken and vegetable crescent shaped dumpling seasoned with ginger, garlic and soy sauce. Soy vinegar and hot chili oil sauces included. Family style appetizer. Includes 10 potstickers & sauce packets. Soy vinegar and hot chili oil sauce packets included. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. InnovAsian Cuisine is a Seattle based company, founded in January 1999. We got started by providing supermarket delis and food service establishments with bulk frozen Asian entrees, side dishes and appetizers. Supermarket retailers saw the ease in preparation, outstanding quality and scratch-prepared consistency, and asked us to develop a line of restaurant quality meals to be sold in their frozen grocery section. In 2003, we introduced our first four entrees to grocery shoppers and now offer a complete menu of Asian selections. Enjoy the best frozen Asian cuisine at home without the hassle of take-out. Family style Asian in minutes! InnovAsian Cuisine brings you the best tasting Asian food money can buy. Our collection of entrees, side dishes and appetizers is a convenient way to plan an entire meal. Combine one, two or three components and make it an Asian night. Indulge yourself with mouth watering, budget friendly Asian meals from InnovAsian Cuisine. 0 g trans fat per serving, no MSG added (beyond the small amount naturally occurring in soy sauce & soy protein). Satisfaction guarantee. We are committed to providing you the best tasting frozen Asian cuisine. Asian brand made in the USA.






    InnovAsian Cuisine


    InnovAsian Cuisine