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    Cooked Udon noodles with shiitake mushrooms in a delicate Japanese style broth. Mild. Now tastes even better! Microwavable. Ready in 2 minutes. Quicker and easier than ever! Vegan. Fat Free Food: 0 g per serving. Saturated Fat Free Food: 0 g per serving. Cholesterol Free Food: 0 mg per serving. Total fat 0 g (see nutrition information for sodium content). Now tastes even better! Comfort Food In a Bowl: No other food can bring comfort and satisfaction like a delicious bowl of Udon. In order to offer you a deep and solid flavor, we've combined a delicate Japanese style broth with cooked Udon noodles and to make it even better added shiitake mushrooms, bok choy, and tofu. Nothing warms you up better than a bowl of Udon in the midst of winter, but its intriguing taste will make you crave it all year around. Our Mission: We are committed to simplifying Asian cooking with the highest quality, savory foods that allow you to recreate your restaurant favorites right at home. Doing Our Part to Protect the Earth: We believe in the importance of doing business in a sustainable way and being kind to the earth. Our bowls are made partially from corn starch, a renewable resource, in an effort to source sustainably. We also use 100% recycled cardboard for the outer sleeve. We continue to search for better ways to make sure that we are proactively doing our part to protect the Earth. We constantly seek the best ingredients which is why we've partnered with CJ, a world-class food company with expertise in Asian foods. With CJ, we bring you authentic flavors and the finest ingredients so that you know you are giving your family the best. Carton made from 100% recycled paperboard. Minimum 55% post-consumer content. Quicker and easier than ever! Find out more about our brand, products, and delicious recipe ideas at our new website www.anniechun.com. Check out the new nutrition values! Product of USA.






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