Hartford Farms Bread, Super Premium, Eight Grain

Good source whole grain. No trans fats. No saturated fat. Low fat. No cholesterol. A flavorful blend of eight healthy grains. Double wrapped. Extra freshness. A great tasting grain based food. Triticale. Corn. Oats. Wheat. Barley. Rye. Rice. Millet. Indulge yourself with a sandwich or toast made from super premium Hartford Farms Eight Grain Bread. Eight Grain Bread is baked with wheat, oats, rye, corn, barley, triticale, millet and rice bran. This blend of healthy grains, the generous slices with their hearty taste and texture, combine to make any meal out-of-the-ordinary. Good source of whole grains - 8 g per 1 slice serving. Whole grains, which include all parts of the grain kernel, provide complex carbohydrates for sustained energy throughout the day; vitamins and minerals, including trace minerals and antioxidants; fiber, to aid in digestive health and weight management. Low fat, saturated fat free & cholesterol free: diets low in total fat may reduce risk of certain cancers; diets low in saturated fat & cholesterol may reduce risk; of coronary heart disease. Hartford Farms Eight Grain Bread contains no artificial preservatives and is double-wrapped to keep in the freshness from the first slice to the last. Premium bread. Premium taste. Whole grain. 8 g Or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily.