Baby Bunny Baby Bread, 1/2 Loaf, White Enriched

Soft - loaf. Same great taste - Loaf! Low fat. Saturated fat free. Enriched bread. Same great taste - the size! Do you like fresh bread but a full - size loaf is too much for your needs? Just for you, Lewis Bakeries has baked this half loaf, all the natural grain goodness and full - bodied flavor of Bunny Bread baked for you in a 12oz. size. Baby Bunny may be half the size but still gives you all of the benefits of eating a grain - based food. Grain foods provide a great source of complex carbohydrates, the building blocks of a balanced and the fuel you need to stay strong, energized and healthy. And you can be sure that the last slice will be as soft and fresh as the first slice because Bunny Bread stays fresh longer. That's what I say, Bunny Bread! 1 slice of Bunny Bread provides 1 serving from the grain group. A good grain - based food. Cholesterol free. 100% Soybean oil (non - hydrogenated).