Bunny White Restaurant Style Burger Buns, 21 oz, 12 Count

Original. Saturated fat free. Cholesterol free. Eat smart with Bunny Buns. Lewis Bakeries shows pride in their Bunny Buns by using only the very finest of ingredients. Bunny Buns are made with 100% soybean oil that is non-hydrogenated to be saturated fat-free. Bunny Buns contain complex carbohydrates, a good natural source of energy, and many other important nutrients - all of this in a low fat, saturated fat free, and cholesterol - free food. Studies show most people eat 4 servings of bread daily. By adding just one Bunny Bun to your daily diet you will meet the minimum requirement recommended by the USDA for this important food group. Treat yourself to the delicious flavor of Bunny Buns as part of a well - balanced diet and eat smart.