Bacardi® Gold Rum 1.75L Glass Bottle

Ranked the “Best Spirit in the World” by Spirit Journal, Angel’s Envy Cask Strength Bourbon Finished in Port Barrels is unlike any whiskey you’ve ever tried. Angel’s Envy is releasing fewer than 8,000 bottles of our award-winning Cask Strength this year, so don’t miss your chance to pick up a bottle or two of this rare and delicious spirit. Perfection is a patient man’s game. So we waited until Angel’s Envy reached the perfect level of maturity. We judge only a handful of barrels exceptional enough for our lengthy finishing process. The result? Even at 124.6 proof, every sip is worth savoring. NOSE - Rose petals, dense fruitcake, fresh strawberries, cracked black peppercorns, clovePALATE - Caramel coffee, dried fig, aged tobacco, toasted sourdough breadFINISH - Rich and buttery, add water to soothe the burn and let the finish linger From the cellars of Lincoln Henderson 124.6 Proof