Bacardi Rum Black

Bacardi Rum Black. Estd in 1862. 750 ml. Bacardi company born in Cuba in 1862. Bacardi Black is blended using rums aged between one and three years in heavily charred oak barrels, then shaped through a secret blend of charcoals, to craft a dark rum that has a bold and intense taste. For bold drinks. Bacardi Black is a dark and intense rum that captures the bold flavors of oak, orange peel and sweet molasses. Enjoy with ginger beer or ginger ale and fresh lime over lots of ice. Add a few drops of bitters for a delicious tormenta negra. Alternatively try with your favorite cola. Receta familiar original. Expertly crafted by Maestros De Ron Bacardi. Enjoy responsibly. Consumer information Call 1-800-BACARDI. For this and other delicious recipes at