Premium small batch hard cider. Made from 100% fresh cider. Tree to can. Gluten free. Light up the night. Sweetness Scale: 4. Light up the night with the electrifying crisp and slightly tart flavor of 1911 Black Cherry Hard Cider. 100% fresh. Family owned. We at Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards have committed ourselves to quality and innovation for over 100 years. This tradition of excellence spills over and into 1911 Established Hard Ciders, spirits and wines. From tree to can, our process is handled in-house to ensure that we provide handcrafted, small-batch beverages that we hope would make our great-great grandfather proud. From our fifth generation family to yours, enjoy over 100 years of history and heritage in every can. It's super cool to recycle. 6.9% alc by vol. Handcrafted in New York.