Patrón® Añejo Tequila 375mL Glass Bottle

Imported. Origin guarantee. Patron Anejo tequila is crafted with top-quality 100% Weber Blue Agave, hand-selected in the picturesque Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Under the watchful eye of master distiller Francisco Alcaraz, the agave is carefully harvested, closely trimmed, then slowly steam-baked in small brick ovens. Once cooked to perfection, the agave is crushed, fermented, and twice-distilled in small batches using two distinct and separate techniques the time-honored tahona process and the more modern roller miller method. The combination of tequila from these two processes creates the mistakable, high-quality flavor and taste of Patron tequila. Each handcrafted bottle is a work of art, inspected and hand-numbered to ensure quality. Patron Anejo is aged small oak barrels for at least 12 months to create a tequila characterized by its smooth and sweet oak taste, enhanced with vanilla, honey, and a smoky caramel finish. Each pour of Patron Anejo is simply perfect. Handcrafted. 40% alc./vol (80 proof). Made in Mexico.