Califia Farms Coffee, Cold Brew, Mocha

2.5X concentrated. Non-GMO Project verified. From farm to cup. We craft our cold brew with 100% arabica beans. Roast: City roast, Scandinavian-style. Tasting Notes: Mocha, hazelnut and dark fruit. Direct Trade Sources: Origin: Colombia; Grade: Excelso; Region: Narino; Elevation: 1,200-2,000 m. Origin: Honduras; Grade: SHG (strictly high-grown); Region: Various; Elevation: 1,300-1,800 m. Origin: El Salvador. Grade: SHG (strictly high-grown); Region: El Volcan de Santa Ana; Elevation: 1,300-1,400 m. Better coffee for all. Coffee is personal. Premium arabica coffee. Please recycle.