Craigellachie Speyside Aged 17 Years Single Malt Scotch Whiskey - Box

Craigellachie Speyside Aged 17 Years Single Malt Scotch Whiskey - Box. Old fashioned in 1891. Rested in hand made oak casks for a minimum of seventeen years for a rich full character with flavours reminiscent of toffee & dried fruits. Guaranteed small batch - all our spirit made on the same stills in a single season. Distilled and bottled in Scotland. 750 ml. A style seldom met: In 1891 a Whisky Expert noted that Craigellachie represented a style of whisky "Seldom met with now," which we took as a compliment. Today we still use old-fashioned worm tubs to cool our spirit and bestow it with extra flavour, creating a dram to rival whiskies twice its age. Our own malt: Our Malt is not supplied to any other distillery. It has a uniquely heavy character which we preserve by grinding it finer than anyone else does, using a very efficient steinecker mash tun. It is also shallower and drains better than the deeper tuns do, holding onto less water so that the malt's character is less diluted. So when we say that Craigellachie is a malt whisky, we mean it. No chill-filtering. Enjoy responsibly. Craigellachie and its trade dress are trademarks. Visit: © 2014 Craigellachie.