Crystal Light Grapefruit Sparkling Water Enhancer Liquid Drink Mix

Crystal Light Sparkling Water Enhancer Naturally Flavored Grapefruit Drink Mix is a specially formulated liquid drink mix perfect for sparkling water lovers. This refreshing grapefruit water enhancer is the ideal way to add more flavor to any bottled sparkling water. Enjoy the great flavor you have come to expect from Crystal Light with just one squeeze of this refreshing grapefruit juice concentrate. The convenient travel sized 1.62 fluid ounce bottle neatly fits in your purse, bag or glove box for easy on-the-go drinks. Each bottle comes with 24 servings. Just one squeeze packs enough flavor for 8 fluid ounces. Turn any sparkling water into a lightly flavored experience with Crystal Light Sparkling Water Enhancer anytime, anywhere.