Lactaid 100% Lactose Free Reduced Fat Milk

Lactaid® Brand 100% Lactose Free Reduced Fat Milk. Enjoy milk again! Taste goodness. New look! 2% milkfat /38% less fat than whole milk. Easy to digest. Grade A / Vitamins A&D, Ultra-pasteurized. Real®. All of the goodness! None of the Lactose™. Did you know... ...that Lactaid® Milk is 100% real, farm-fresh milk with all of the vitamins and calcium found in milk, but none of the lactose That's what makes Lactaid® milk so great. By removing all the lactose, you can enjoy it without stomach discomfort, while benefitting from all the healthy goodness inside. Try our range of delicious, lactose-free products, plus Lactaid® Fast Act Dietary Supplements for on-the-go dairy freedom! For more information about Lactaid® Milk, hundreds of delicious recipes, plus a Lactaid® Brand product locator, visit Delicious 100% lactose-free milk that's easy to digest. Ultra-pasteurized and homogenized at plant stamped on top. Lactaid, the Tango Cow design, the Farmhouse design, slogans, and the design of this package are trademarks of McNeil Nutritionals, LLC. McNeil Nutritionals, LLC 2010. Lactaid® Milk is a gluten-free food. Fat reduced from 8g to 5g per serving. New look same great Lactaid®! We might look different, but inside we haven't changed at all. We're the same Lactaid® Milk you know and trust: 100% real milk that's 100% lactose-free and 100% delicious tasting! So enjoy a glass of Lactaid® Milk, or use it in your favorite cereal or recipes. Lactaid® Farmers' Pledge. From cows not treated with artificial growth hormone. No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST-treated and Non-rBST-treated cows. If you have any questions or comments in English or Spanish, call us toll free at 1-800-LACTAID or visit us at