Dole Fresh Discoveries Summer Salad

Fresh discoveries. Ready to eat complete salad with crisp romaine and iceberg, carrots, red cabbage, radishes, croutons, sunflower seeds & tomato herb vinaigrette dressing. Selections of the season. Dressing [2.1 fl. oz. (69 ml)]. Salad & toppings [11.25 oz (319 g)]. The Fresh Discoveries collection features unique flavors to delight everyone looking for something extra. With Selections of the Season, Dole brings you salads perfect for the moment - ingredients picked at the peak of freshness, tastes that suit the season and combinations available only for a limited time. It's one more wholesome way Dole makes healthy choices possible. Dole. Harvesting possibilities. Field fresh and ready to eat, out salads are completely washed for your convenience. For the freshest taste, use within two days of opening and store in the original breathable bag.