Dr. Bronner's 18-In-1 Hemp Baby Unscented Pure-Castile Soap

Dr. Bronner's Unscented 18-In-Hemp Baby Pure-Castile Soap. No detergents. Over 150 years and 5 generations of soap excellence. Certified Fair Trade. Made with organic oils. 16 fl oz/473ml. Certified under the USDA national organic program. No foaming agents. 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottle! 2-3X more concentrated than many leading liquid soaps, cleansers & bodywashes. Dilute with water. Clouds when cold. Put in warm room/water: clears at ~ 70 degrees F. Dr. Bronner's All-One®! Magic Soaps. In all we do, let us be generous, fair & loving to spaceship earth and all its inhabitants. For we're All-One or none! All-One! "The 2nd coming of God's Law!" Mohammed's Arabs, 1948, found Israel Essene Scrolls & Einstein's "Hillel" prove that as no 6-year-old can grow up free without the ABC, so certain can no 12-year-old survive free without the moral ABC that mason, tent & sandalmaker Rabbi Hillel taught carpenter Jesus to unite all mankind free in our Eternal Ffather's Great All-On-God-Faith! For we're all-one or none: "Listen Children Eternal Father Eternally One"! 100% biodegradable. Dilute: enjoy 1 soap for 18 different uses! Shave-shampoo-shower-bath-mop-launder-degrease! Dr. Bronner's pure-castile is the very best soap for body, home and spaceship earth! Synthetic preservatives Detergents Foaming agents None! Health is our greatest wealth! Enjoy body rub to stimulate body-mind-soul-spirit and teach the Essene moral ABC uniting all free in the shepherd-astronomer Israel's great All-One-God-Faith! Conserve-save: refill from gallon or from drum at store! Ok! Absolute cleanliness is Godliness! Teach the moral ABC that unites all mankind free, instantly 6 billion strong & we're all-one. "Listen Children Eternal Father Eternally One"! 1st: if I'm not for me, who am I Nobody! 2nd: yet, if I'm only for me, what am I Nothing! 3rd: if not now, when!!! Once more, unless constructive-selfish I work hard perfecting first me, absolute nothing can help perfect me! 4th: only hard work-God's law can save us, but if we teach only our clan, we're all hated then! So, Hillel taught Jesus, we must teach friend & enemy, the whole human race, the full-truth, hard-work, press-& profit sharing morel ABC's All-One-God-Faith, uniting the whole human race! For we're all-one or none! As teach for 6,000 years the astronomers Abraham & Israel, since the year one! "Listen Children Eternal Father Eternally One!!!" Exceptions eternally Absolute none!!! 5th: whatever unites mankind is better than whatever divides us! Yet, if absolute-unselfish I am not for me, I'm not but classless, raceless, starving masses, never free nor brave! Only if constructive-selfish I work hard perfecting first me, like arctic owls-penguin-pilot-cat-swallow-beaver-bee, can I teach the moral ABC that the real Rabbi Hillel taught Jesus to unite all mankind free. 6th: Absolute cleanliness is Godliness! Balanced food for body-mind-soul-spirit is our medicine! Full truth our God, half-truth our enemy, hard work our salvation, unity our goal. Free speech our weapon, all-one our soul, self-discipline the key to freedom, unity, love unites all-one above! For we're All-One! As teach for 6,000 years astronomers Abraham & Israel: "Listen Children Eternal Father EternallyOne!" Exceptions eternally Absolute none!!! So, when your fellow man you measure, take him at his best: with that lever, lift him higher, overlook the rest! 7th: each swallow works hard to be a perfect pilot-provider-builder-trainer-teacher-lover-mate, no half-true hate! Have courage & smile, my friend. Think & act 10 years ahead! Find the man without fault He's dead! Do one thing at a time, work hard! Get done! Then teach friend & enemy how to work-love-unit all mankind free! Uniting one! All-One! Face that world with a smile, life is always worthwhile! To the fearless are given jewels, keep out of the past, disappointments won't last! Help unit mankind, or we're wandering fools! Repetition is the key to knowledge! 8th: more good is caused by evil than by good, do what's right! Enlarge the positive! Replace the negative with the moral ABC's eternally tremendous All-One-God-Faith that unites the human race! For we're all-one or none! As teach all astronomers, for 6,000 years since the year one. "Listen Children Eternal Father Eternally One!" Exceptions eternally Absolute none! 9th: free speech is man's only weapon against half-truth, that denies free speech to smear-slay-slander-tax-enslave. Full-truth, our only God, unites all mankind, if 10 men guard free speech, brave! "If ever one religion unites all mankind, it will be by omitting all irrelevancies & redundancies, added unto the Faith In One-Almighty, all-embracing, ever-loving, ever-recreating eternal God, and by absolute nothing else". America's founding father. Thomas Paine, 8 books suppressed since 1799! 10th: thank God we don't descend down from perfect Adam & Eve to sinful sinner, brother's keeper, divided slave! United armed, loving, hard-working trained brave, from dust we ascend up! Thank God for that! Our brother's teacher of the moral ABC, mason, tent-& sandal maker Hillel, taught carpenter Jesus to unite all mankind free! With it, every human being created on God's spaceship earth can evolve united, inspired-raised-trained-skilled-disciplined, guided lighting-like by a new birth! Without it, we destroy God's spaceship earth! Aknathan-Baha'u'llah-Buddha-Confucius-Moses-Hillel-Jesus-Mohammed, inspired every 76 years by the messenger of God's law, Halley's Comet, teach: a fire, a mist, a planet, a crystal, a cell, a jellyfish, a dinosaur, caves where cavemen dwell! Then a sense for work-love-song-art-play-law-beauty, a face turned up from the sod! From Mohammed's "Wisdom of the Ages": 1. Intolerant half-truth is our only real enemy! Calm-clear-constructive full truth is God, is God's law, is the kingdom of God's law, our only real eternal faith, alloy, friend & leader! Today there is no other leader! There never was! Thank God's eternal law! Thank only God for that! For when half-true hate is gone & all of us are dust, the full truth we print-protect & teach eternally unites All-One! Full truth is God, it must! 2. In short: half-truth is the enemy, full truth is God! 3. Count that day lost whole low descending sun views from your hands no worthy labor done! 4. We do not reapeth what we sow, thank God we don't! For the past 6,000 years & in all eternity we reap only from 3 to 3 billion times more of that constructive good, that full-truth, that good seed that we sow in harmony with God's timing-teamwork-wisdom-power-mercy-love! Of any half-true hate that we sow, we reap nothing but dust! 6. On the plains of hesitation lie the bones of countless millions who at the dawn of victory sat down to rest & resting died! Dr. Bronner's is certified. Fair for Life. OCTO®. Not animal tested. V, certified vegan, vegan.org. Non GMO project. Verified. nongmoproject.org. Contains at least 70% Fair Trade ingredients. Fair for Life certified by IMO. Oregon Tilth certified organic. Dr. Bronner's was founded in 1948 by Emanuel Bronner, a third generation German-Jewish soapmaker. He used the labels on his ecological soaps to spread his message that we must realize our transcendent unity across religious and ethnic divides or perish: "we are all-one or none!" The business continues to be run by his family. Under one God, one all-embracing, everloving eternal father, we're all sisters & brothers! Exceptions eternally Absolute none! 1-844-937-2551. www.drbronner.com.