Enfamil Infant Formula, Reguline

No. 1 brand recommended by pediatricians. New look! New color! Triple Health Guard: DHA for brain. 30 nutrients for growth. 2 prebiotics for immune health. Promotes soft, comfortable stools. Prebiotic blend works in 1 week (). Experts agree on the many benefits of breast milk. If you choose to use infant formula ask your baby's doctor about Enfamil Reguline. Enfamil Reguline is an innovative formula that has nutrients also found in breast milk as well as a blend of prebiotics that work like fiber to promote soft, comfortable stools within 1 week (Infants def a formula with prebiotics blend had softer stools compared to a routine formula without prebiotics at 1 week). Proprietary Triple Health Guard Nutrient Blend: Exclusive natural defense dual prebiotic blend. Omega-3 DHA. Complete nutrition, 30 nutrients, shown to foster healthy growth. Immune Health: Prebiotics and vitamins C & E support immune health. Prebiotics are nutrients that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria that occur naturally in the digestive tract, where 70% of the immune system is located. Brain Development: 20 mg omega-3 DHA per 6 fl oz serving, the same as the worldwide average found in breast milk (Average level of DHA in worldwide breast milk is 0.23+/- 0.22% (mean +/- standard deviation of total fatty acids) based on an analysis of 65 studies of 24/7 women). Omega-3 DHA support brain and eye development. In an independent study, Enfamil that has DHA at 0.32% of total fatty acids are shown to foster learning ability from infancy through age 5. Facts to Feel Good About: 20 mg omega-3 DHA per 6 fluid ounces. No artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. Filled by weight, not by volume; some settling may occur. This exclusive formula is available only from the Enfamil brand. Makes approx. 147 fl oz. Enfamil.com. If you have a questions, we are here for you. Call us toll free: 1-800-BABY123, 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday-Saturday, Central Time. Or visit Enfamil.com. When your baby is 12 months or older, try Enfagrow Toddler Next Step.