Ever Clean Clumping Cat Litter, Super Premium, Unscented

Everfresh with activated charcoal. Maximum odor elimination with activated charcoal & plant extracts. Extra-strong clumping. 10 days long-lasting freshness. This super premium litter with activated charcoal is a fragrance free formula for cats and people sensitive to scent. Ever Clean is a highly absorbent lifter that has granules and Carbon Plus technology that clumps tight and provides maximum odor protection. Ever Clean litter grabs, inhibits and eliminates the strongest odors to deliver maximum odor protection. Grabs: Carbon Plus grabs and holds odors from urine and feces. Inhibits: Contains an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of bacterial odors in the litter. Eliminates: Plant extracts eliminate airborne odors, leaving your house smelling fresh and clean. Quality Statement: From the beginning, we wanted to make a positive impact on the quality of cat care and develop a high-quality litter. The result: ever clean litter, America's super premium clumping cat litter. Our premium granules set us apart. We are constantly striving to develop improved products, and we only sell our litter in pet specialty stores, where pet care comes first. Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back. - From the Litter Specialists. www.everclean.com. how2recycle.info. For questions or comments, visit our website at www.everclean.com or call 1-800-777-2441. Made in the USA of global ingredients.