Farmhouse Culture Gut Shot, Smoked Jalapeno

10+ shots per bottle. USDA organic. Cultivating fresh tastes. Naturally probiotic. Post workout. Hydration. ph Balance. Energy. Digestion. Gut health. Immune. Laxative. Hangover. Virility. Gut Feeling: Blow your mind, tantalize your taste buds and feed your core with our robustly flavored line of live fermented drinks. One part ancient probiotic elixir and one part California fresh, Gut Shot is unlike anything you've ever experienced. Trust your gut and take a shot. You'll immediately notice a spring in your step, a lift in your spirits and a twinkle in your eye. You'll be hooked once your body has discovered the powerfully healing benefits of our tangy, pleasingly tart drink. Certified organic by CCOF. Each Bottle Contains Live Probiotic Cultures: L. plantarum; L. brevis. 10 billion CFU's at time of manufacture. Vegan. Gluten-free. No added sugar. Non GMO Project verified. Fermented in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA.