Amys Mediterranean Vegetables in a Pocket Sandwich

Organic Crust and Vegetables. Microwave or regular oven. The lands along the Mediterranean Sea are famous for their outstanding cuisine. Amy's has captured the spirit of the region by taking their classic blend of tomatoes, feta cheese and olive oil, adding eggplant and a touch of parmesan, flavoring it with herbs de Province, and baking it in a pocket sandwich. We're sure that the superb taste of this combination of organic vegetable and cheese in its tender, lightly herbed crust will surprise and delight you. Amy's Kitchen began with the vision of a freezer full of great tasting, wholesome vegetarian food that would support a family's busy life style. Eight years later Amy's mom looked in the freezer and there were pot pies, entrees, whole meals, burgers burritos. But something was missing, something quick and easy - a nourishing snack for Amy between school and soccer, a handy bite for Amy's dad to grab and eat on his way to work - so we though of pocket sandwiches. There is something universally appealing about breadstuff wrapped around a tasty filling and baked. Our pocket sandwiches are full of flavor, full of good food, and fully satisfying. We use only the finest natural and organic ingredients and prepare them with the same careful attention in our bakery as you would in your own home. No meat, fish, poultry or eggs are ever used in Amy's products.