Blue Bell Ice Cream, Lowfat, County Vanilla

Natural and artificial flavor added. No sugar added. Diabetic Exchange Per Serving: 1 starch, 1/2 fat. Sugars 6 g: Product contains naturally occurring sugar from lactose in dairy products. Sugar Alcohol 3 g: Sorbitol is a carbohydrate ingredient which does not contain sugar. At Blue Bell, we enjoy making and eating ice cream. That's why we're picky about what goes into it. So we choose only the freshest and finest ingredients money can buy. Then we mix in a little love. The result is something special. In fact, most folks think our ice cream is the best in the country. We dot too, that's why we eat all we can and sell the rest. 3 g fat per serving. 90 calories per serving. Good source of calcium. Visit the Blue Bell Country Store on Our Website: