Glutino Toaster Pastry, Gluten Free, Apple Cinnamon Flavored

Like biting into paradise. High in fiber. Contains 6 g of total fat per serving. Certified gluten-free. AAA is for absolutely amazingly apple. Live fully. In ancient times, cinnamon was worth its weight in gold and apples were reserved only for royalty. The masses were stuck with gruel. But that was then and this is what's for breakfast. Enjoy. We are what you eat. Your trust is the driving force behind our single-minded determination to keep every one of our products gluten free. We cook with our ears open, always listening to your suggestions. And we've discovered, along the way, that you are our most important gluten free ingredient. Thank you! Let's Connect: Twitter: (at)glutinofoods. Facebook: /glutino. Instagram: (at)glutinofoods. Pinterest: /glutino. An apple cinnamon toaster pastry a day keeps the smile on your face. Made in Canada.