Hershey and Mondelez Egg Hunt Sweet and Sour Assortment Candy, Easter, 46.9 oz, Bulk Variety Bag (140 Pieces)

Put some "jolly" good fun and a "twist" of surprise into your traditional Easter egg hunt by storing these deliciously chewy and hard candies into your plastic eggs. Hershey and Mondelez egg hunt sweets are the perfect egg stuffers, whether all the children are searching for eggs or if the adults want to jump in the fun, too! After collecting the eggs in their baskets, hunters of all ages will be excited to try these fruit-flavored, bite-size candies. There may be some sharing and swapping as everyone opens their eggs but that's what makes it so fun. These individually wrapped treats are also great Easter basket presents. Load up each basket with a handful of TWIZZLERS PULL 'N' PEEL cherry-flavored chewy candy, JOLLY RANCHER Chews and hard candy, TWIZZLERS Twists strawberry-flavored chewy candy, SOUR PATCH KIDS or SWEDISH FISH soft and chewy candy. If someone really loves these sweet and sour egg hunt candies, gift them the entire bag so that they have some sweet treats for the rest of the season. Easter just got a whole lot more fun with these colorful, chewy, hard and bite-size Hershey's assorted candies.