Schultz Professional Potting Soil Plus

0.08-0.12-0.08. A Complete Potting & Planting Mix. Perfect for indoor & outdoor plants. Flowers, houseplants, tropicals, vegetables, seedlings, containers, & hanging baskets. With Schultz slow-release MultiCote plant food. Feeds up to 9 months. Schultz Professional Potting Soil Plus contains a rich blend of Canadian sphagnum peat moss, perlite, organic materials, and MultiCote slow-release plant food, creating an excellent mix for all your planting & potting needs. What Does 0.08-0.12-0.08 Mean? Three numbers appear on the front of potting soil packages that contain fertilizer. They represent the percentages by weight of the three primary plant nutrients: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P2O5) and Potassium (K2O), in that order. 0.08% Nitrogen (N): Promotes the grown of green leaves and stems. 0.12% Phosphorus (P2O5): Aids in the production of roots, flowers, and fruit. 0.08% Potassium (K2O): Aids in the flowering and fruiting as well as the sturdiness of the plant in terms of disease and stress resistance. When applied as directed, this product meets the guidelines for metals adopted by the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials.