Kentucky Legend Turkey Breast, Uncured, Oven-Roasted 7 oz

Kentucky's Original Legendary Taste: Our original smoked turkey. Artisan crafted. Fully cooked. Premium quality. No added hormones (Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry). No nitrates or nitrites. Minimally processed. No MSG. Premium quality southern-slow perfected. Somewhere in the Southern-slow tradition of making America's favorite turkey breast. Kentucky Legend takes even a little more time, a little more care, to focus on this, the Artisan Crafted premium-select line of lunch meats. Our simple, but painstaking, method starts with a hands-on practice of identifying only the choicest cuts. Then, our culinary experts prepare each distinctive flavor with precision and care for a quality and consistency worthy of the name Artisan Crafted. Enjoy! - Rly, Chief Executive Officer.