Kool-Aid Retro Jammers Purplesaurus Rex Ready-To-Drink Soft Drink

Kool-Aid Purplesaurus Rex is back and better than ever! One of Kool-Aids most memorable flavors has finally made its return. Bursting with grape lemonade flavor, these Kool-Aid Retro Jammers deliver the perfect blend of fruit flavors that kids love. Packed in a convenient pouch, kids can enjoy these drink pouches at home or on-the-go. Kool-Aid Retro Jammers contain 55% less sugar than leading regular sodas (per 12 fluid ounces this product 15 grams of total sugars; leading regular sodas 40 grams total sugar). Each box comes with ten 6 fluid ounce drink pouches making for a great birthday party drink for kids.