Matts Cookies Cookies, Soft-Baked, Double Chocolate Chip

Ridiculously good. Estd 1979. The real stuff. Real stuff tastes better. Unbleached wheat flour, real chocolate chips, cocoa powder, brown sugar, baking oil, baking soda, sugar, fresh eggs, date paste, caramel color, apple fiber, water, salt & vanilla. Please recycle the cookie tray. Dairy free. Matt's Cookies are packed warm from the oven to preserve their home baked goodness. Some messiness may occur. Simple & Honest: Since 1979, Matt's Cookies' mission has always been to make the best tasting cookie around. That's why we do things a little bit different than the big guys. First, we use all natural ingredients just like you'd find at home. Then, we pack our cookies with a bunch of the stuff you love, like real, premium chocolate chips and high-quality cocoa powder. Finally, we bake the cookies with care in ovens that, for over 30 years, have delivered a perfectly soft texture and pack them warm to lock in that fresh-baked taste our fans love. It might be a simple recipe - use only real stuff and bake it with care - but the result is ridiculously delicious. or find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Baked in the USA.