Michael David Chardonnay, Lodi Appellation, 2013

Furthering our commitment to sustainable farming with future generations in mind. Family owned. Established 1984. Handcrafted from our family's vineyards, our Chardonnay is a fusion of style, showcasing the best qualities this varietal has to offer. From numerous hand pickings throughout the ripening period, our winemakers produce three distinct Chardonnays that were later blended into this final wine just prior to bottling. From a crisp, fruit driven style which was fermented and aged in stainless steel, to a softer, more round, French oak barrel fermented wine, our Chardonnay captures the best qualities each style offers. The end result is this beautifully balanced wine with ripe tropical fruit and great natural acid. - Michael David Winery. Lodi Rules: Certified green. Sustainable winegrowing. michaeldavidwinery.com. Alc. 14.5% by vol. Vinted & bottled by Michael David Winery, Graton, CA. Made in California.