Palmer Candy, Easter Unicorn, Magical, Hollow, Birthday Cake

Palmer - Making candy fun and magical. With colorful rainbow sprinkles. Our Quality Pledge: Since 1948, Palmer has been a national brand making candy for Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter and Halloween. We use only the finest ingredients and are proud of all our products. If you are not satisfied, please, let us know and we will make it right. We would also enjoy hearing from you for any other reason. - President. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Scan for more food information. Call 610-372-8971 for more food information. Be yourself. Be unique. Be a Unicorn! Photo prop. Mask. Create your own Unicorn mask or prop! Cut-outs & instructions inside. What is your Unicorn's name? What is the first letter of your name? A - Amazing; B - Brilliant; C - Crafty; D - Dashing; E - Elegant; F - Fierce; G - Gorgeous; H - Happy; I - Incredible; J - Joyful; K - Kind; L - Lovely; M - Magical; N - Neon; O - Opal; P - Perky; Q - Queen; R - Royal; S - Sassy; T - Twilight; U - Unique; V - Vibrant; W - Wonderful; X - Excellent; Y - Youthful; Z - Zany. What is your Unicorn's name? What month were your born? January - Twinkle Joes; February - Sweet Mane; March - Honey Blossom; April - Sugar Pumpkin; May - Sunrise Kiss; June - Summer Gem; July - Golden Rainbow; August - Bright Star; September - Vanilla Cloud; October - Shimmer Moon; November - Sunshine Dream; December - Winter Sky. Hey Parents! Long onto, with your child, to print out an official name certificate for their unicorn (Instructions inside).