Powerade Ion4 Sour Melon Sports Drink

Powerade® ION4® Sour Melon Sports Drink. Advanced electrolyte system. Vitamins B3, B6 & B12. 80 calories per serving. Flavored + other natural flavors. Helps replenish 4 electrolytes lost in sweat. No sodium. K potassium. Co calcium. Mg magnesium. The ION4® advanced electrolyte system helps replenish 4 electrolytes lost in sweat. And Powerade® is formulated with a 6% carbohydrate solution to help provide energy to working muscles and Vitamins B3. B6 & B12. Consumer information call 1-800-343-0341. www.us.powerade.com. ©2010 The Coca-Cola Company.