Luzianne Cold Brew Iced Tea -22 CT

Luzianne® Cold Brew Iced Tea. Family owned since 1902. New! Family size tea bags. Brews in cold water. Specially blended for iced tea. Net Wt. 4.35 oz. (123 g). Making a pitcher of Luzianne® is easier than ever with 100% Natural Luzianne Cold Brew Iced Tea. No need to boil. Just steep in cold water and in a few minutes you'll have that authentic Luzianne taste for all to enjoy. And just like the original, Luzianne Cold Brew is specially blended for iced tea. We travel the world carefully selecting only those leaves that will make a clear, smooth, refreshing glass. It's the same Luzianne Iced Tea you love, just faster. Now that's refreshing. Did you know: 1 Box brews over 5 gallons. 1 Box equals 44 16oz bottles of iced tea. 100% Natural tea. No boiling required. 100% Natural antioxidants. This product contains 7mg of caffeine per 8 fl oz serving. Your satisfaction guaranteed. Call: 1.800.535.1961. Visit: