Snapple Herbal Tea, Unsweetened, Wild 'Bout Berries

100% Natural. Caffeine free. Made from the best stuff on Earth. Infused with real juice! Contains 61 mg protective antioxidants. Berries Gone Wild! made with100% juice from real wild berries and blended with the best herbs found on Earth, Snapple Wild 'Bout Berries Tea tastes like a whole basket of fresh wild berries was squeezed into each bag. It's herbal tea like you've never tasted before. Snapple Herbal teas are 100% natural, 100% delicious, have no caffeine and are full of naturally occurring antioxidants (flavonoid antioxidants). From the aroma to the taste, it's a treat for all your senses that's wildly delicious. Made from the best stuff on Earth. How could so much amazing flavor be packed inside one little tea bag? That's because Snapple has juiced their tea bags with the best stuff nature has to offer - 100% all natural fruit juice and the finest hand-picked tea leaves from the Far East. Each bag is full of the delicious aroma and taste of natural fruit flavor and fresh brewed tea.