vitaminwater Water Beverage 20 oz

(Vitamin E + Choline). Flavored + other natural flavors. Well, well, well - look who's got the clever coconut. Now we're not saying this was too hard to figure out. And we're not saying that if you drink this you won't respond to what's up with good thanks. Or that you won't find yourself wandering around a parking lot thinking - this time it really is stolen. So even though this bottle won't make you smarter (blame your parents), it does include vitamins B12, C & E and choline (that's choline, not the pool stuff), nutrients that can help support your noggin. Not that you really need it though - it's not like you forgot to put the cap back on before reading this. Excellent Source of C and B Vitamins: 100% vitamin C. 40% vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12. 55 mg choline. Electrolytes. Per 8 fl oz serving, 2.5 servings per bottle.