Kashi GOLEAN Honey Almond Flax Crunch Cereal

Kashi, The Seven Whole Grain Company. Taste you'll LOVE. GO LEAN Crunch! Naturally Sweetened Multigrain Cluster Cereal. 9g PROTEIN. 8g FIBER. OMEGA-3 500mg. Stay Fuller Longer! Honey Almond Flax. NET WT. 15 OZ. (425g). PROJECT Spark. Ignite change. Visit kashi.com/spark. 100% Recycled Paperboard. HONEY ALMOND FLAX. If you lead an on-the-go lifestyle, starting the day with the right bowl of cereal can be a simple way to help you stay satisfied and on track. With 9 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber, Kashi GOLEAN Crunch! Honey Almond Flax cereal has twice the protein and fiber of the average of leading cereals** to help you feel full longer. With all that nutrition, you'll be surprised how great it tastes! This delicious blend of sweet, crunchy multigrain clusters, sliced almonds and whole flax seeds is hard to resist. Fats for Health. The nuts and seeds in Kashi GOLEAN Crunch! Honey Almond Flax help provide 500mg of omega-3 fatty acids. We included them not just because they're tasty, but also because they deliver the right kind of fat. Because your body needs fat even when you are managing your weight, it's important to choose fats that contribute to your health. Our GOLEAN Philosophy. At Kashi, we believe that everyone has the power to make positive, healthy lifestyle changes. But staying committed to healthy eating and exercise isn't easy. That's why we developed our GOLEAN family of products, an assortment of delicious, convenient food options, to be an easy part of your commitment to a healthier, leaner you. What makes GOLEAN effective Each GOLEAN product is designed with our unique combination of protein and fiber to help you stay satisfied. And they have the great taste and texture of real foods made with whole grains and all natural ingredients, so you look forward to enjoying them. PROTEIN: GOLEAN products provide a good source of protein from soy. Protein helps give you a lasting feeling of satisfaction and is essential for muscle development. FIBER: Each GOLEAN product is high in fiber. Fiber helps you feel full longer, keeps your digestive system running smoothly and helps balance blood sugar. WHOLE GRAINS: GOLEAN products are made with whole grains that are packed with beneficial phytonutrients. Eating more whole grains and fiber-rich foods helps you manage hunger and is associated with a healthier body weight. To learn more about our GOLEAN products, visit www.kashi.com/golean. *GOLEAN products are designed to promote a feeling of fullness by increasing daily intake of protein and fiber. See nutrition information for details. **Compared to 200 leading cereals. Have something to share We'd love to hear from you! Visit us at www.kashi.com Call 877-7GRAINS. (877-747-2467) Exchange: 2 1/2 Carbohydrates, 1/2 Fat & 1 Lean Protein. The dietary exchanges are based on the Choose Your Foods: Exchange Lists for Diabetes, 2008 by American Dietetic Association and American Diabetes Association. The Whole Grain Stamp is a trademark of Oldways/WGC. WHOLE GRAIN, 15g or more per serving, EAT 48g OR MORE OF WHOLE GRAINS DAILY, WholeGrainsCouncil.org. Join us online, www.kashi.com/join. - Coupons - Recipes - Newsletters - Connect with Others. Contents May Settle. Product Sold By Weight Not Volume. Tasty snacks that love you back. Kashi TLC Dark Chocolate Coconut FRUIT & GRAIN Bars, All Natural. We put good stuff in our snack crackers like real asiago cheese, fire roasted veggies and toasty 7 whole grains. Our granola bars come in 11 flavors from Dark Chocolate Coconut to Trail Mix, Plus chewy, crunchy or fruit-layered textures. Kashi TLC Fire Roasted Veggie SNACK Crackers, 7g whole grains, All Natural. Go on... give yourself some TLC today!