A.1. Bold and Spicy Sauce Made with Tabasco

A.1. Bold and Spicy Sauce Made with Tabasco delivers the classic A.1. flavor you love, combine with the spicy kick of Tabasco sauce to enhance your familys favorite dishes. This delicious sauce combines unmistakable A.1. steak sauce with the bold flavor of Tabasco and the sweetness of tomatoes and crushed oranges. Garlic, celery seeds and a mix of secret spices dial up the flavor even more. Add this spicy sauce to any steak, chicken or pork dish for elevated flavor. Brush it on grilled pork chops for extra flavor, add a kick to chicken fajitas or serve it as a dipping sauce with sirloin tips. Each 10 ounce bottle is resealable to help lock in flavor. From steak sauce to marinades and meat rubs, A.1. adds delicious flavor to all your family favorites.