Captain Rodneys Boucan Glaze, Scotch Bonnet Pepper

Pirate reserve. A grilling and dipping sauce form the heart of the Caribbean. Captain Rodney's glaze recipes. Centuries ago, in the Caribbean, pirates developed a way of preserving wild boar for their long sea voyages, seasoning the meat with wines and spices, whole slowly cooking over allspice wood. The result was a delicious meat they called boucan. These pirates became known as boucan-neers, or as we know them today, buccaneers. Captain Rodney has bottled these spices, in a glaze that can be used on any game, fish or vegetables, or use as a dipping sauce. Our very best, you have the Captain's word on it. - Captain Rodney, pirate, retired. Cook it. Glaze it. Eat it. For more great recipes visit: This scrumptious appetizer is quick and easy to make, try one for your next party, your guests will keep coming back for more. For more recipe ideas visit Made in USA using these all-natural ingredients: pure cane sugar, sweet peppers, vinegar, fruit pectin, spices, and the famous scotch bonnet pepper.