PowerBar Protein Plus Protein Bar, Peanut Butter Cookie

Crunchier bar. 20 g protein plus. Helps build lean muscle. 3 after. Learn about the science behind PowerBar. Good to know. Did you know that consuming high quality protein within 1 hour after training can help build lean muscle? Good food. Good life. Good to remember. This PowerBar ProteinPlus bar has 20g of protein and supports muscle growth and recovery. You're stronger than you think. www.PowerBar.com. PowerBar products are backed by Nestle worldwide leadership in nutritional science. Nutritional compass. This PowerBar ProteinPlus bar has 20 g (38% DV) of protein compared to 10-11 g (18-20 DV) in PowerBar Protein Triple Threat bar. This ProteinPlus bar has a crunchier texture than the original 20g ProteinPlus bar chocolate peanut butter, vanilla, cookies & cream, chocolate crisp flavors.