Fructis Weightless Anti-Split Ends Treatment, Leave- In, Length & Strength

With nutritive fruit micro- oils. Split ends, fragile or hard-to-grow long hair. Anti- breakage strengthening system (the Garnier Fructis Length & Strength system of shampoo, conditioner and anti- split ends treatment makes hair stronger, smoother and so much shinier). Garnier Fructis Length & Strength Anti-Split Ends Treatment contains nutritive fruit micro-oils to repair split ends and nourish damaged hair that is prone to breakage for longer, stronger hair. The weightless formula gives strength, shine and smoothness for beautiful hair. For hair that shines with all its strength. 1. It nourishes the hair from root to tip. 2. It works inside the hair strand to strengthen it. 3. It smoothes the hair to the tip. Strength Test and Smoothness Test: 5X the strength and smoothness (In brushing/combing tests, compared to an ordinary shampoo).