Feria Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour 3X Highlights, Level 3 Permanent, Warmer, Light Iridescent Brown 62

Iced Mocha. Gentle, deep conditioning. Permanent haircolour gel. Silky touch same shade. Feria absolutely masters the art of shimmer. Multi-faceted colour with 3X highlights. Now, Feria is more hydrating and more prismatic with Silk & Shimmer Deep Conditioning. Plus, a new aromatic scent for a pleasant colouring experience. Deep conditioning Colour Gel; Pro-Touch applicator tip; Aromatic Shimmer Serum; Shimmer Boost Hydrating Conditioner; Shimmering shades. Inspired by cutting edge fashion, Feria's prismatic colour spectrum is custom-blended by L'Oreal master colorists to make every shade shimmer with 3X highlights. No appointment necessary. Get caught shimmering with Feria's most glistening, conditioning colour. Iced Mocha is a Warmer shade that boosts golden tones. To minimize golden or red/orange tones, choose a Cooler shade. To enhance your hair's natural tones, select a Natural shade. Pure shimmer. Silky conditioning.