Tresemme Mousse, Tres, Extra Hold, 4

Extra firm control. All day humidity resistance. Used by professionals. Larger size! America's No. 1 mousse. Professional quality. Our Philosophy: From our origins in salons in 1948. TRESemme has been driven by a simple truth: every woman deserves to look & feel fabulous, like they've just stepped out of the salon. TRESemme is dedicated to creating haircare products that are salon quality. Inspired by stylists and tested in salons the products are designed to help you achieve salon gorgeous hair every day. TRESemme. Professional. At your fingertips. Why use Tres Extra Hold Mousse? This product won't let your hair fall flat, tames strays, and won't leave a sticky residue. America's No. 1 mousse is an alcohol-free formula to spread easily, and strong enough to leave you with a salon-fabulous, in-control touchable style all day. Questions? Comments? Contact us at 1-888-497-7054 or at Made in USA.