Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Base & Top Coat, Diamond Shine

100% Pure shine. 10 Day superior wear for all nail color! Exclusive micro-diamond formula. Salon tested. Dermatologist tested. You Have: Dull manicures that chip and do not last; Weak nails that split and peel. You Want: Incredible shine & a manicure that won't chip; Longer, stronger, harder healthy nails. How It Works: This breakthrough liquid diamond treatment is a quick-drying chip preventer that extends the wear of any nail color for up to 10 days. As a bonding base coat, this exclusive formula seals the nail surface leaving a smooth, diamond-hard finish that grips nail color for up to 10 days. As a superior top coat, this smudge-proof formula penetrates manicure layers and quickly dries to protect nail color with a brilliant multi-faceted diamond shine finish. You'll Get: Instantly stronger, harder, healthy looking nails; A high-gloss manicure that lasts. Made in U.S.A.