Hefty Extra Strong Multipurpose Large Trash Drawstring Bags Mega Pack - 56 CT

Hefty® Extra Strong Multipurpose 30 Gal Mega Pack Large Trash Drawstring Bags. Hefty® handles it, guaranteed or your money back. 30 gal (113.5L) 2 ft 6 in x 2 ft 9 in (76.2 cm x 83.8 cm) 1.05mil (26.6µm). Hefty® extra strong, multipurpose, 30 gal. Hefty® extra strong, trash can liner, 33 gal. Hefty® extra strong, lawn & leaf, 39 gal. Multipurpose: 30 gal. Uses: Party clean up. Garage and basement trash. Storage and donations. Yard clean up. Features: Tear and puncture resistance. Drawstring closure. Large capacity. Versatility. Reynolds Consumer Products. 100% Recycled Paperboard™. Our guarantee offers complete satisfaction or your purchase price refunded. Box Tops for Education is a trademark of General Mills used with permission. To contact us visit: hefty.com, call: 1-800-433-2244 or write: Hefty Brands, PO Box 85583, Richmond, VA 23285-5583. When communicating about this particular product, please include end flap with the embossed numbers, or laser printed white numbers and the UPC bar code located on this panel. www.hefty.com. ©2014 Reynolds Consumer Products LLC.