FANCY FEAST Broths Cat Food, Chicken, Wet, Adult

Lure your cat to her dish with a pouch of Purina Fancy Feast Broths Classic Chicken & Vegetables Gourmet cat complement. The real, hand-selected ingredients appeal to her discriminating palate, and the silky, delicious gravy keeps her taste buds awake as she's lapping and munching her way through the savory goodness. This gourmet cat food complement gives her the poultry flavor she craves, and you get the confidence of giving her only premium ingredients that you can see. This meal supplement is packaged in a convenient pourable pouch, making it easy to serve to your cat whenever she has a craving for a decadent dining experience. Introduce your cat to other flavor combinations to accent her meals by exploring our entire line of classic and creamy varieties of Fancy Feast Broths, such as Wild Salmon & Vegetables or Mackerel & Vegetables, and let her pick her favorites.