Zatarain's Caribbean Rice Mix, 6 oz

Long grain rice with pineapple & spices. No artificial flavors. Gluten free. A New Orleans tradition since 1889. Made with real pineapple. No MSG added (except those naturally occurring glutamates). New Orleans is often described as the Northernmost point of the Caribbean - so significant is the island influence on the city's cuisine and culture. Celebrate the connection in your home with this enticing blend of sweet fruit, savory vegetables and exotic spice flavors. No colors from artificial sources. For more than 300 years, New Orleans has been inspiring meals. Our melting pot of influences create a cuisine that only knew New Orleans knows how to dish out. Caribbean rice combines bold seasoning with pineapple, coconut and long grain white rice to create a sweet and savory flavor that will bring you to the islands of the Caribbean. Jazz it up with Zatarain's. Follow the Zatarain's Tradition on Facebook and Instagram! Visit for more fresh, bold recipe ideas. Love our mixes? Give us a call and let us know! 1-877-837-3796.