Paqui Sea Salt Delights Tortilla Chips

Paqui® Sea Salt Delights™ Tortilla Chips. No artificial ingredients. Certified GF, gluten-free. Non GMO project. Verified. No artificial flavors. No preservatives. Sea Salt Delights™: Light, crispy, and never goes out of style! These chips are loaded with happiness and a dash of sea salt. Prepare to be delighted. For real. Don't worry, be Paqui®: Paqui (rhymes with hockey) is an Aztec word meaning "to be happy." What makes us happy is creating light, crispy chips with mouth-watering flavors using only the best ingredients we can find. Nothing fake. Nothing artificial. Our Paqui warriors make sure of it. So "be Paqui" with us, because delicious chips are worth smiling about. Happily from Austin, Texas. Crafted in USA.