Crispy chickpeas roasted in olive oil. 6 g protein per serving. 5 g fiber per serving. 120 calories per serving. Gluten free. Vegan. USDA Organic. Certified USDA Organic by Natural Food Certifiers (NFC). Gluten Guard Verified, GMO Guard Verified and Certified Vegan and Kosher by NFC. Low glycemic. Iron boost. Non-GMO. Crave-able. Bursting with flavor! Simply prepare with only 6 ingredients. Our Chicpeatos are tasty and powerful snacks to make every day better. They crunch like a pretzel, snack like a potato chip, and fuel you like nothing else! Watusee Foods - what you see is what you get. We won’t compromise our simple, wholesome ingredients or our commitment to you and your tastebuds. We’ve baked our ideals into Watusee Foods. Greg is a wellness-minded physician inspired by big ideas and office push-ups. Jimmy is a sustainable engineer who loves community building and pick up basketball. In good health and better snacks, Jimmy&Greg. Perfect for a party! Protein like an egg. 2x fiber of kale. Questions, feedback or a chickpea selfie? Instagram: (at)watuseefoods; Twitter: (at)watuseefoods; Facebook: /watuseefoods. Made in the USA.