A crunchy treat bursting with ground cinnamon topped with a string of white icing. Authentic Italian family recipe. 110 calories each. All natural. Individually wrapped. Approved bestlife treat. A light crispy biscotti with bursts of ground cinnamon, and topped with a white icing. These classic flavors create a refreshingly new way to enjoy your morning cup of coffee. The beginnings of a tradition. Take a stroll back in time to the small Tuscan town of Lucca, Italy. That's where our Nonni, (Grandma) first made her classic biscotti - light, and sweet, and crunchy - with fresh eggs, pure butter and ample time to bake it just right. In bringing her recipe to America, she brought with her a tradition that we keep alive today - and a memory of a time when you sat and you talked, over coffee, and dunked your biscotti. Treat yourself to a Nonni's Biscotti break.