PLANTERS Sweet & Salty Trail Mix

Planters Sweet and Salty Trail Mix provides the perfect combination of sweet and salty flavors for a snack experience that feeds your cravings and satisfies your sweet tooth. Planters fills each bag of trail mix with crunchy roasted peanuts, sweet raisins, chewy yogurt covered raisins, tasty M&MS peanut chocolate candies, juicy cranberries and savory roasted almonds for a delicious mixture thats perfect for keeping in your desk, taking on a hike or serving on game day. The peanuts and almonds in this sweet trail mix are sprinkled with sea salt for more of that salty goodness you crave. A perfect snack for those keeping Kosher, this 6 ounce resealable bag of trail mix provides guaranteed freshness you can taste with every delicious handful.