All natural. With 40% less fat (Hi I'm Skinny Sticks (6 g fat per 28 g serving) have 40% less fat than leading brands regular potato chips (10 g fat per 28 g serving)) I'm super low in calories, but super high in taste (Yay for being cleverer than regular chips)! 17 g whole grains per serving = heart healthy. Less than 4 calories per stick! Rice, barley, oats. Whole grains of all kinds are packed into our multi-grain sticks! All natural. No preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. No trans fat. No cholesterol. Well aren't you a smart pup for choosing our Hi I'm Skinny Sticks. At Skinny HQ, we wanted to come up with a snack that's super tasty and convenient as well as being good for you and doesn't make the scales or our skinny jeans a scary thought! So with only 6 g fat per serving, these grain-based multi-grain sticks are perfect for guilt-free snacking! No need to fear the weekly weigh-in any more! For more information about Hi I'm Skinny Snacks visit 34 sticks per serving. Become a fan on Facebook: Vegan and non-GMO. Whole Grain: 17 g or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. Certified WBEN: Women's Business Enterprise. Product of USA.