Zero sugar. Not a low calorie food. Xtra thick & creamy. Sweetened with Splenda. Experience the rich creamy sensation of eating Sugar-Free Sandwich Cookies. Each sandwich cookie has a layer of luscious, sweet creme between two crunchy cookies. Indulge in the simple pleasure promised to satisfy your cravings. Sorbee has been given the ultimate compliment: Our products look and taste like the real thing! Tempt your taste buds and stay truly sugar-free with Sorbee. What is sugar alcohol? Does it contain sugar? Does it contain alcohol? Sugar alcohol is a term the FDA requires to be used in the nutritional fats panel to list a group of sugar substitutes called polyols which include maltitol and isomalt which are used in our product. These sweeteners do not contain sugar and do not contain alcohol. Polylols have a minimal impact on blood sugar levels. Exchange Information: 1 serving (2 cookies) equals 1/2 starch and 1 fat. Product of USA.