HERSHEY’S Caramels in Dark Chocolate, 7.2 oz

Make your next chocolatey treat a bit fancy. HERSHEY'S Caramels in Dark Chocolate bring together creamy HERSHEY'S chocolate and a rich center of smooth, soft and creamy caramel in just the right amounts to create an experience truly worth savoring. Each piece is the perfect balance of taste and texture, engaging your senses as the flavors unfold, from the first bite to the delicious finish. Turn your everyday snacking into something special, something fabulous…something fancy. HERSHEY’S Caramels in Dark Chocolate are the perfect treat to turn an ordinary day into something fancy. Luscious caramel made with molasses and sea salt meets just-the-right-amount of HERSHEY’S dark chocolate. Individually wrapped pieces to ensure freshness in every bite. A kosher food.